Not too shabby!

Another month or so has passed, hasn’t it? One of these days I will be better at being more up to date about the goings on of Wandering Seeds Pottery and the other endeavors of Nichole.

Where shall I begin?

How about with some hot chocolate on this chilly wet evening! (where’s the snow?!?!)

As of late, the Harrod household has relocated to a more spacious and happier living situation. The studio is not necessarily a studio; but it’ll get there!  Meanwhile, Christmas gifted me with a brand new Asus EE, which has promises of improved organization of business matters.

Speaking of business matters!  I had the greatest pleasure of completing a commission of a series of mugs for an architect!  Not too shabby!  As soon as I get more photos loaded to the new computer I will make certain to post some in progress and final product shots.  For now, I have this little one to share…

Now that I think about it, I actually had two commissions for the christmas season, the other one being a pendant for a friend’s daughter.  Photos of that will come soon!  Probably posted in the Shoppe section, as I encourage any and all to contact me with their whimsies so that I may make them a reality!  I’m on my way to becoming a magician, folks!

Speaking of magic!  A side project is almost in the foreground involving puppetry, experiencing science through the arts, parades and guerrilla theatre!  But that’s all I’ll say about that for now!

Instead, I’ll speak of a most interestingly satisfying thing I did today.  I paid my State Sales and Use taxes.  I thought I would pay it reluctantly, but that wasn’t really the case.  Perhaps it was the grandeur of the art deco building….

Or maybe entering those ridiculously heavy antique doors…  Though, it could have been the sound of the front desk woman stamping my envelope with an official cuhlamp!  Nevertheless, I felt as though I was a part of something bigger.  Something more than just “paying the man”.  In truth, it felt good to pay forward a little bit of what I earned, especially if it means that it will somehow improve the state of the State in which I decidedly live in.  Not too shabby, indeed!


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