diy, dude.

Last year, while looking for “how to’s” to make an idea reality, I stumbled upon one of the most inspiring, interesting and helpful websites our world-wide-web has to offer.

What is this wonder-land of fun?, of course!

Their tag line is “the world’s biggest show and tell”, and most truly is!  It has everything from how to brew a good cup of coffee to how to obtain a yacht for free to how to build an amplifier out of an altoid box.  And!  If one can’t seem to find just the right answer to a complex problem they may post a question in the “answers” section.  Super Cool! 

here are some of my favorite questions answered:

(all questions are go, apparently!)

(proof of how supportive this community is!)



As for some of my favorite instructables…

(renegade art, anyone?)

(i may have to make a ham skirt some day!)

(the instructable that started it all for me!)


If you are extra handy, don’t miss out on all of the great contests they have!  I encourage all friends of mine, especially those that share their name with a particular vegetable, to participate in said contests!


  1. you have vegetable friends? Sooooo jealous I only have fruit and nuts friends!

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